Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Itchy Sweater

Today I have on an itchy sweater. It's a nice thin burnt orange wool thing I picked up a few weeks ago. The color is lovely and I had the perfect necklace to match (which usually doesn't happen...or I don't even think about wearing something different from my normal James Avery). But I forgot the two most important things about this sweater: it itches and leaves orange fuzz on everything!

The fuzz is on my pants, my car seat, the back of my chair at is probably covering my nice Victoria's Secret bra and is all over the shirt I have on under this stupid sweater, which I wore because I remembered it itched a little.

Itched a little! Little is not the correct term. It itches a little on my right elbow. It itches a little at the small of my back. It itches a little on my left forearm. And it itches a LOT across my entire chest.

And I must mention the pills. This sucker is pilling in long rows. So I have to periodically pull the fuzz balls off my sides and arms. How can one sweater produce so much fuzz and still have threads to hold the thing together? Plus, I have hardly moved from my desk today so what kind of motion am I making to produce these lovely fur balls?

I dare say this fall sweater won't be making an appearance again this season...but I'm sure the itching will continue next year when I pull out the thing and think "oh yeah, that's a great sweater!"

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