Monday, November 20, 2006

Filtered Water Dispenser

I have a filtered water dispenser in my refrigerator. For many of you this may not seem like a big deal or an interesting topic for that matter. Know that this is the punch line and the story is as follows:

During the summer of 2005 I bought a house...all by myself...very grown-up. When writing the contract for the house, my realtor and I asked for the refrigerator, a basic freezer on top model in white, to be included. It was.

As I stated, this is a basic refrigerator. Nothing special. It does have an ice maker with a rapid fill for parties but other than that it's plain. But it does the job, holds my food and diet dr. peppers, and keeps me eating at home.

Well, last Wednesday night my boyfriend came over to work on a project. As I usually do when he arrives, I asked if he would like something to drink (ever being the good hostess). Only this time when I bent down to get him a coke from the bottom shelf, I noticed a crystal blue button right under the freezer door (on the inside of the fridge part). Upon investigating I came across these words: Filtered Water Dispenser.

Right there in my plain refrigerator that I've had for over a year I found a water dispenser...and it works! And the water's pretty good! Of course I have no idea where the filter goes so I will soon (if not already) have just a water dispenser instead of a filtered water dispenser. Nonetheless, I have made a new discovery and feel a new proudness of my largest appliance.

(p.s. I feel virtually no stupidity for having this feature for over a year and not noticing it!)

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