Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big Stone Gap

I used to be an avid reader. I grew up engrossed in books. When reading I found myself transported to whatever time, whatever lifestyle the book lead me. As I have gotten older, I still love books. I buy them all the time. BUT I rarely read them. When I'm not at work or at some work function, I find little desire to think about reading. I do miss it but sometimes not enough to take up a book and time for me.

I used to be an avid reader but now I am an avid listener. I am in my car quite a bit not only for my job but also because my lovely boyfriend lives 100 miles away. When I was in graduate school, a good 6 hours from my country home, I discovered books on tape. I would go to the public library and check out enough to get me home and back. Usually the books were quite good and they didn't leave me with the "I can't listen to one more cd" feeling.

I still find audio books fulfilling. And I can usually get through an abridged version in one weekend trip to the jazz musician's house. I reserve unabridged titles for my trips back to the country.

On my way back from the mountains after Thanksgiving this year, I popped in a new book, "Big Stone Gap" by Adriana Trigiani. I bought this book for two reasons: it reminded me of home and I owned the paperback but have never read it.

This book turned out to be wonderful. It was read by the author which at first annoyed me...I didn't like her voice...but ultimately I found comfort in her subtle lisp and country pronunciation. The story was beautiful and I often found myself tearing up or letting the full on sob flow (this can prove tricky as I listened to this masterpiece while driving).

I finally finished this work this morning...in my car...in my work parking lot. This was one of those stories that I kept thinking about throughout the day. I found myself transported into the life of Ave Maria. In her story I heard a few similarities to my own but most importantly I was once again transported out of my everyday and into something magical.

This is why I miss books. The transporting to another place. This is also why I don't read them as much. I get lost in other lives in other places and I forget how to be me. I become so absorbed in someone else's life, I do not know how to function in my own...until their story is over.

If you have already found this treasure you are lucky. If you too have missed the wonder of Big Stone Gap (published in 2000), find it. Whether you hold it in your hand or hear it in your car, it is well worth your time. Enjoy.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Filtered Water Dispenser

I have a filtered water dispenser in my refrigerator. For many of you this may not seem like a big deal or an interesting topic for that matter. Know that this is the punch line and the story is as follows:

During the summer of 2005 I bought a house...all by myself...very grown-up. When writing the contract for the house, my realtor and I asked for the refrigerator, a basic freezer on top model in white, to be included. It was.

As I stated, this is a basic refrigerator. Nothing special. It does have an ice maker with a rapid fill for parties but other than that it's plain. But it does the job, holds my food and diet dr. peppers, and keeps me eating at home.

Well, last Wednesday night my boyfriend came over to work on a project. As I usually do when he arrives, I asked if he would like something to drink (ever being the good hostess). Only this time when I bent down to get him a coke from the bottom shelf, I noticed a crystal blue button right under the freezer door (on the inside of the fridge part). Upon investigating I came across these words: Filtered Water Dispenser.

Right there in my plain refrigerator that I've had for over a year I found a water dispenser...and it works! And the water's pretty good! Of course I have no idea where the filter goes so I will soon (if not already) have just a water dispenser instead of a filtered water dispenser. Nonetheless, I have made a new discovery and feel a new proudness of my largest appliance.

(p.s. I feel virtually no stupidity for having this feature for over a year and not noticing it!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nothing Original

In line with my lovely fellow bloggers:

100 things about me...

1. Pinto beans and cornbread is my favorite meal.
2. I love Coke.
3. I usually drink Diet Dr. Pepper.
4. I have a coat problem...but I try to only buy them on sale.
5. My favorite candy is Reese's peanut butter specialties: hearts, eggs, pumpkins, trees.
6. I love to cook.
7. I love to throw parties.
8. I rarely do.
9. My greatest dream is to be somebody's momma.
10. My momma is incredible.
11. I can drive a tractor.
12. I hate jazz.
13. My boyfriend is a jazz musician.
14. I want to have the title "artist".
15. I'm afraid to give that title to myself.
16. I am a photographer...when I give myself time.
17. I love the country.
18. I live in the city.
19. I lived in a really big city for 3 years. It was great but I'm glad I'm gone.
20. I have 5 of the greatest friends ever.
21. My best friend keeps following me around the country. I usually have to leave the city before she does...but she manages to catch up.
22. I love her daughter and brag on her like she's my own.
23. I have 3 tattoos.
24. The first I got in college and can't believe I did...it didn't really hurt.
25. The second I got with 4 of those greatest friends...it really hurt.
26. The third I got with my male best friend...kinda liked it.
27. I have a male best friend...his words not mine...I was very happy when I heard them.
28. I try to be crafty. My mom is way better.
29. I have 3 pairs of sneakers but only use them to walk the dog.
30. My little brother is 25 and my little sister is 15. They're both getting too old.
31. I can't spell.
32. Giggling is my favorite!
33. I'm in a "book group" with women who have similar career paths as I do (or their husbands do!).
34. I'm supposed to journal for that group. I never do.
35. I attract older creepy men.
36. I have friends the same age as my mom.
38. I'm not good with names...it's important for my job.
39. I like to send cards.
40. I can't always remember.
41. I bought a house all by myself.
42. I bought a new car all by myself.
43. I am way more adult than I would have ever thought.
44. I love my first name.
45. I can't wait to get rid of my last.
46. I was named after my great-grandmother and my mother.
47. My grandma on my dad's side thinks I was named after her.
48. My other grandmother is my strength.
49. I call my mom's side of the family "my side" and my dad's side, "the (last name inserted)'s".
50. I have a bunch of really cool socks.
51. I never wear socks.
52. Martha Stewart would be proud of my organized closet.
53. Every art piece in my house I did...except for two.
54. I've traveled through the Middle East.
55. If I had to live in another country, it would be Jordan. I loved that place.
56. I've been to all the continents except for Australia and Antarctica.
57. Until a couple of years ago I'd never been past Nashville, TN, in this country.
58. Still haven't made it past Texas.
59. My best friend (guy version) knows too much about me.
60. My boyfriend gets jealous...he should be.
61. I'm growing my hair out so that my boyfriend will cut his.
62. It's not working.
63. I believe the things that touch your skin (underwear, sheets, and towels) should be quality, everything else can be discount.
64. I like to wrap presents so people don't want to open them.
65. I use Johnson and Johnson's baby soap in my shower.
66. I'm a whinny sick person.
67. I can't stop watching VH-1 on Sunday nights.
68. My current favorite tv show is "Criminal Minds".
69. I used to read a lot.
70. Now I just buy books and look at them.
71. I have to put myself on craft store restriction periodically.
72. I'm not a great money manager.
73. My office is usually very organized. For the last week it has been a mess. I can't work.
74. I like inspirational quotes.
75. I never keep them.
76. I have a box of "Good Thoughts" from people. Occasionally I look at it to feel better.
77. Post-it notes are the best invention ever!
78. Cheese is a beautiful thing.
79. I could eat Mexican food every day.
80. I have to wear glasses at work.
81. I have to wear a different set of glasses in the car.
82. I do not have to wear glasses outside of those places.
83. I quit highlighting my hair last year.
84. I forgot how pretty it was.
85. Sometimes I miss the funky-ness of the highlights.
86. I like a good pedicure.
87. I really enjoy a long massage.
88. My boyfriend is pretty good at giving them.
89. I wear earth colors...black and brown.
90. People notice when I wear something with color.
91. My dog pulls out the lesbian in other dogs.
92. I love to sing.
93. I won't do it in front of other people.
94. I color-code my calendar.
95. Rarely do I get to go home to the country.
96. I've had the same shoe size since the 4th grade.
97. I have a great rack.
98. Sometimes I wear shirts that show it off...at work; I probably shouldn't.
99. Steak is delicious.
100. I spend my fall Saturdays watching football and yelling at the television. Go Vols!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Itchy Sweater

Today I have on an itchy sweater. It's a nice thin burnt orange wool thing I picked up a few weeks ago. The color is lovely and I had the perfect necklace to match (which usually doesn't happen...or I don't even think about wearing something different from my normal James Avery). But I forgot the two most important things about this sweater: it itches and leaves orange fuzz on everything!

The fuzz is on my pants, my car seat, the back of my chair at work...it is probably covering my nice Victoria's Secret bra and is all over the shirt I have on under this stupid sweater, which I wore because I remembered it itched a little.

Itched a little! Little is not the correct term. It itches a little on my right elbow. It itches a little at the small of my back. It itches a little on my left forearm. And it itches a LOT across my entire chest.

And I must mention the pills. This sucker is pilling in long rows. So I have to periodically pull the fuzz balls off my sides and arms. How can one sweater produce so much fuzz and still have threads to hold the thing together? Plus, I have hardly moved from my desk today so what kind of motion am I making to produce these lovely fur balls?

I dare say this fall sweater won't be making an appearance again this season...but I'm sure the itching will continue next year when I pull out the thing and think "oh yeah, that's a great sweater!"