Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have a cold.

Today I ran out of cold medicine and went to Target to buy some more. I chose to purchase enough meds to create my own mini meth lab if the medications actually contained the correct stuff. As I got them outside of the pharmacy, no meth could be produced.

As the checker girl was scanning my items, she looked at me and asked, "What's your date of birth?" I assumed this was needed because of the exorbitant amounts of drugs I had. I said 12/01/7_. She punched in the 12 and then the 01. Shoot...she messed up. Punched it in again then looked at me and said, "So is it 19 or 18 or what?"

Now I just did have my birthday and maybe I do look a bit older but are you kidding me? 120-something? Do I really look like I was born in the 1800's? Do you know how far back on my family tree you'd have to go to get someone born in the 1800's? My great-great-grandmother!

If I hadn't needed the meds so bad I might have said something witty. Instead I just muttered, "19" and left.


Bossy Bar-Wife said...

HAHAH! Yes. That makes perfect sense. You were born in the 1870s?

Just a Country Girl said...

I always have looked a little bit older than my age but 100 years!!!