Thursday, October 12, 2006

Entering a New Realm

Not sure if it really is peer pressure, the fact that all my friends have a place to express themselves so that the rest of us (and the world) can read what's going on, or that maybe I possibly could be insteresting (which is highly doubtful), but this new realm is now mine. Luckily only a very few will every find this site and they already know that I'm not nearly as funny as them.

My only other thought for this day is to tell about the blog's name. In my heart of hearts, I wish I could have been the one who said it. But the statement, "It's my day to shine," came from a great friend who is one of the funniest people on the planet. This quip, which has been with me for years and makes me smile everytime I think of it, was in response to putting the correct change in a vending mechine and getting not one but two packs of gum in return! Even now it makes me giggle. My hope is that maybe I'll have some shining moments to share. And if not, there's always recollections of others' days to shine!


Bossy Bar-Wife said...

I'm quite certain you will have many shining moments to share! Can't wait to read about them!

Just a Country Girl said...

We'll see. Thanks for the encouragement to rant to no one and the whole world all at the same time!